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Child Care Package (CCP)

Children who grow up to be high achievers have parents who do their things differently. 


 WE  say in the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity, and the struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow.


To all parents out there, Clover leaf is the only Driving School in the city of Calgary that offers its students, and parents a child care program along with instruction to improve their lives for the better or have an opportunity to move forward in their life to make change, but with the lack of parents in the day for the kids, this can be difficult. Clover Leaf is now here for you. Take driving lessons now and leave your children be in there comfort of their own home enjoying their time with our professional Nanny.  We come pick you up and drop off the nanny to you while you make a difference for yourself. 


Our professional, experienced teacher has a strong background in child car education practice, and Certified in Standard Child Care First Aid & CPR/ AED Level B is now here for you. Virna has passion for children and music.


Everything in this life is either an obstacle to growth, or an obstacle to keep you from growing. The good thing is: you get to choose. 


Take the obstacles life throws at you as your chance to grow, and take comfort in knowing that with Clover Leaf we are here to make your journey to obtaining your license as stress free as possible.


This special CCP program contains 12 hours of driving lesson includes 12 hours of child care sitting value of $1290.00