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Driving Courses

Driving Courses

On Road Training

This course consists of 10 hours of behind the wheel instruction. Classroom hours are NOT included in this package. Behind the wheel lessons are generally administered in 5 sessions for 2 hours per day. There is no certification for this course.

Price: $ 680
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Online Course Full Package

15 hours online training / Insurance Reduction Certificate upon completion. Must finish in 30 days / 10 hours in car training 2 hours each lesson. Online Classroom Topics SAFER© System of Defensive Driving including: Visual Lead Times, Ground Search, Intersection Scanning, Offset Turns, Point of No Return, Rear Crash Avoidance. Backing. City Driving including: Signs, Traffic Lights, Right of Way – Stopping, Turns, Highway Driving, Adverse Conditions.

Price: $ 780
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Brush-up Courses

We offer customized refresher driving courses for teens/adults. Under this program, you will be availing 2 hours basic practical training on the road, two hours Advanced brush up $165. The driving education can be customized as per the learning skills of the individual.

Price: $ 138
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Child Care Package (CCP)

To all parents,Clover Leaf is the only Driving School in the city of Calgary that offers its students, and parents a child care program while taking driving lessons.Take driving lessons now and leave your children with our professional Babysitter at your home.Our babysitter is Certified in Child Care First Aid & CPR/ AED Level B ..More..

Price: $ 1290
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Non-GDL Insurance Reduction

Class 5 Non GDL is 6 hours in car driving lessons plus 15 hours online Novice Course/ Insurance Reduction Certificate. Please Check your eligibility for discount with your insurance company. $25 administration charges applies.

Price: $ 560
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Use Our Car For Road Test

Basic road test car rental $90. Please call us at (403) 889-4414 for reservation.

Price: $ 90
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