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SOME SKILLS AND APTITUDE expected of all road users are.
  • The ability to act responsibly.
  • The ability to foresee and react to hazards.
  • Good concentration.
  • Good level of driving control and expertise. ?
In the absorption of road safety, you require to be aware or the importance of gaining a quality knowledge of the traffic rules and putting that knowledge into a practice. 
The Alberta Transportation website covers the road traffic laws,  but always be aware that it will be updated regularly to take account of new laws.
If you fail to obey the rules of the road you will face all the consequences of your won action, this does NOT mean you will automatically be prosecuted, but if you are involved in a civil or criminal court case, your failure to obey the rules may be considered when deciding whether or not you are accountable.
Over the years, traffic laws on the use of the highway has changed and it continues to do so. 
YOU should always be skillful to stop within a distance you can see to be clear. you should be able to control your vehicle when driving to the extent that you can stop without causing a trouble for anyone else on the highway.
You must be alert and exercise due care and bay attention at all time.
You shall always take the overcome road conditions into account. This is common sense and means you must take deem of any factors that will have an impact on your ability to drive safely and securely on the road.
For instant, weather condition, road condition and type, and time of the day.
You shall always drive taking the  other road users into consideration. you need to be responsible of all of the things that can change on given trip. For instant the volume of traffic and the speed of the traffic flowing, pedestrians, motorist, and cyclists.
Remember driving is a life skill that requires your complete focused, attention, and lifelong learning to help you stay safe.