47 Glamis Drive S.W. Calgary, Alberta T3E 6S2 Canada
CLOVER LEAF DRIVING SCHOOL "Your Female Training Instructor & Trusted Car Driving Center"
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Take the program you know you can trust, with Clove Leaf Driving School

Clover Leaf Driving School has a philosophy when it comes to collisions, which is that accidents are predictable and preventable. What this translates to is that the majority of the consequences of a crash can be avoided, including fatalities, injuries, and specifically; insurance claims.

When a student enrols in one of our driving school courses they will learn effective seeing habits and how to predict and avoid potential hazards on a day to day basis when driving. Students are put through situations that can be seen as high risk with their instructors and are taught to identify those risks. More importantly, correction and ultimately better driving skills are formed from using the Collisionfree Approach for application on the roads for a lifetime.